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Boat diving

Diving Center “More Sub” daily organizes 1 diving excursions by boat and one fast afternoon (16 – 17 o’clock) , as follows: – morning dive at 9:00,  island Brač or Vruja bay or OSEJAVA reefs,  return at at 13:00. Start is in dive center close to hotel Dalmacija main door. We are giving you equipment, deciding weather condition,your wishes off dive, and 15 min after goi g to boat. Our big boat Sv Marko is in harbour near hotel OSEJAVA. There is big parking place for car. Boat is 12m long enough for 12 divers group.


There will be also Snorkeling divers, first time divers, no divers with us. We do usually first deep dive 20m and more 30 around (40m max), then we have 30 min surface interval, then discover divers and owd divers. SNORKELING divers are free to yump anywhere and anytime. We change spot each dive to the plan. – Check dive, dive courses and discover scuba dive we do or morning 9 o’clock or 14 o’clock must one day before reserve. In the time before season its not more than 4-5 divers  everybody is going with me on the boat trip . I devide begging divers, from expirienced and make first deep with expirienced then the course and  after normally dive. This small groups till 6 people we do with 6m big zodiac 150 PS. It’s fast trip from 9 to 12 o’clock .


Every day, in front of the center, on the bulletin board we inform our guests about this, that the position offered for the following day, so that every guest has a choice position.   Each boat dive is realized accompanied by one or more of the professional staff of the diving center, which will provide you with quality “briefing” and introduction to the content scuba dive position to do more enjoyable. Night and sunset diving are in front of diving center. Exclusively for experienced divers, and the limited number we offer a night dive on the wreck. Check our plan and free time. Wreck dive is Friday, night dive is Sunday, Vruja is Thursday, Kamena ploča is Tuesday so it sells quickly, please get your place at time. Before embarking on a night dive boat it is necessary to introduce the position of the day. The maximum number of divers during night diving  is 4, depending on experience and categories of registered divers. Schedule of night diving boat is not predetermined, but in a relaxed conversation with the guests at the center or the fulfillment of desire in accordance with Rule center moving in this extremely interesting adventure.