PADI diving programs for beginners

For first time  divers, people without any experience, easy program on the beach of hotel Dalmacija or by hotel Osejava.

PADI Bubblemaker:

Program of 1 hour with children ages 7 – 10 years
– dive maximum depth of 2 meters on the beach

– Start at 9 o clock

Group is small 2 children with non experience,  sometimes 4 with more experienced.


Further training: PADI Open Water Diver  (> 10 years of age).



PADI Discover Scuba  diving :

Start at 10 oclock in dive school and at 9 at boat by hotel Osejava .It takes theory 30 min,equipment adjustment, skills,dive for fun 1 hour.
– First discovery dive maximum depth of 4m with DSD Leader and second one is 12 meters max possible with a PADI instructor.

  • 2 days (or 1 day by request)

Dives are planning to the depth safely for your experience level.It can be 2,3 meters till 10 even 12 meters .

Possible to have foto session,on cd.

Further training: PADI Open Water Diver  course, it take skills next day,and I 2 hours theory in classroom.
PADI Scuba Review:

If you didn’t dive many years, this dive bring you back into safe diving.
– renewal of knowledge and skills
– 1 dive with theory from 10 to 11 30 by dive center, and at 9 by boat sv Marko.
Crossover program:
– come from other founders intend for diving training?
– the possibility of transition to the same level of training or further education
– depending on your experience and the category of our instructors will do to you check the knowledge
and skills to assess your willingness to further step.

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